Where do jungle animals live?

An interactive whiteboard

Little Birds were interested to find out information about jungle animals.  We looked at where they live in the world and observed pictures of the environments they are found in.

Students learning
Students learning

Some of us made animal enclosures in the sand tray for the small world animals to live in.  We participated in an activity matching baby animals to their parents.

Little Birds were fascinated by the patterns and animal prints of wild animals, so we decided to paint representations of them.  This developed our expressive arts skills.

Students learning
Students learning

The story we looked at this week was Monkey Puzzle; we enjoyed retelling the story to our peers in the reading corner.

We inquired about different cultural music, looking at the countries different instruments originate from.  We had fun exploring these instruments and playing them.

Students on the floor learning
Students learning on the floor with a staff member

One song we thoroughly enjoyed participating in was  ‘Walking Through The Jungle’ and we moved our bodies in different ways pretending to be animals.

The end of a busy week – Well done! Little Birds.