Do you want your child to study a diverse and globally-focused curriculum which will prepare them not only for their onward educational journey but also for work in the wider world? Do you want them to learn to be effective communicators who make reasoned, ethical decisions and are principled so that they act with integrity and honesty? Then apply for a place at Dartford Primary Academy.

Admissions Arrangements 2023-24 Admissions Arrangements 2024-25

Starting in reception at school for the first time?

You can apply for up to three schools, putting them in order of preference. If you want your child to join Dartford Primary Academy, you will need to put us as your first choice.

Apply here for a place!

Moving to Dartford Primary Academy from a Different School

If your child is at primary or junior school and you want to move them to Dartford Primary Academy, you need to apply. This is called an in-year admission.

Please complete the form below and hand it to either school office at Dartford Primary Academy. A member of staff will be in contact with you to let you know whether or not we have a place available.

In year admission application FORM

Is your child three but not yet starting school?

Have a look at our Nursery webpage to see all we can offer your child.