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Animals can help us in different ways!

Nursery pupils are seen learning about different animals and creating animal-inspired artwork.

Last week in Nursery, we learnt about how animals help people in their daily life. The children looked at Guide Dogs and Police Horses and we spoke about how they can help us. The children drew and painted Guide Dogs and other animals that help us. They enjoyed making collages of horses and talking about […]

We had Caterpillars arrive in our Nursery!

A photo of a Caterpillar and a Butterfly.

This week we had a package arrive from the butterfly farm which had five caterpillars inside. The children closely watched them moving around in the pot and eating their leaf mixture. During small group time the children learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly. They used many different words to describe how a caterpillar turns […]

Parent Survey Results – January 2022

We are strongly committed to responding to any areas of further development. To read further how we have addressed these points visit the Parents section of the school website and view our ‘You Said, We Did’ article. Thank you to all parents who took the time to complete the survey with so many kind and […]