Online Safety Talks at DPA

Photo of the outside of the Dartford Primary Academy building.

On Friday 1st March, a policeman from the local community team came to visit the Years 4, 5 and 6 classes at DPA. We further learnt all about how to stay safe online. We were mind-blown as we learnt some new key facts.

For example:

  • We learnt about the age restrictions on many games.
  • We were surprised to hear that you are supposed to be 13 years old to play Roblox, which is a popular game that is known across the world.

Another important topic that we discussed, building on what we learn at school, is talking to a trusted adult when we are worried, feeling unsafe or uncomfortable; especially while using devices to communicate with others.

The police officer explained to us that there are different ways to access the online world and numerous devices you can use. As there are many people using the internet, there are also many different types of hazards that you can face. In these situations we were reminded that you can block and report the person on the other side of the screen.

To finish, we learnt to always stay alert of new challenges which can occur when using social networking sites.

By Leon S.
Year 5 Digital Leader

A cartoon image showing seven school children smiling together, arm in arm. The word 'Safeguarding' is seen in purple text below.
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