School Uniform

Dartford Primary Academy pupils are proud of their academy and as such wear their uniform with pride.  We would like to remind you that all pupils are expected to wear the following:

Primary Uniform

  • Dartford Primary Academy logo sweatshirt or cardigan. This needs to be the updated logo – please see the logo adjacent. All children must wear the official DPA jumper/cardigan (purchased from Brigade).
  • Dark grey trousers or skirt/pinafore dresses. Black trousers/skirts are not permitted.
  • During the summer months, grey shorts can be worn or the summer blue check dress.
  • White collared shirt, blouse or polo shirt.
  • Sensible flat leather black shoes (no higher than the ankle bone). Trainers are not allowed. We recognise several retail outlets sell ‘trainer looking’ school shoes, as such we do not consider branded trainers or plimsolls to be formal school shoes).  We recommend that your child wears shoes he/she can put on and do up themselves. No sandals or open toes are allowed for safety reasons. Boots can only be worn to/from school in winter months. Shoes to be worn in school. No sandals or open toes are allowed for safety reasons.
  • In colder weather, your child should have a warm waterproof coat.
Dartford Primary Academy logo

Nursery Uniform

From September 2022, pupils in our nursery can wear their own unique uniform which includes:

  • A jumper or cardigan with our new nursery logo – Little Birds Nursery
  • Dark grey trousers or dark grey jogging bottoms.
  • All children need to have sensible shoes that are easy to remove
  • In colder weather, your child should have a warm waterproof coat
Photo of the Little Birds Nursery jumper.
Close-up of the Little Birds Nursery logo on the Nursery jumper.

PE Kit

Please send your child in their PE uniform on the day of their PE lesson.

Each child should be wearing:

  • Pale blue T-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Navy/black non-branded track suit bottoms may be worn in winter months (children will wear their DPA sweatshirt/cardigan)
  • Black sports shoes, black or white plimsolls (for use in outdoor games; indoor PE is done barefoot).
  • Earrings MUST be removed and hair must be tied back if it falls below the chin.

Children are NOT allowed to wear jewellery. 

  • Rings are dangerous for many activities and therefore unsuitable for the academy.
  • Necklaces and bracelets are similarly unsuitable; however, an exception may be made for religious chains provided they are worn under the shirt.
  • One pair of small silver or gold stud earrings may be worn, one in each lobe.  The studs need to be discreet and not overhang your child’s ears.
  • No hooped or dangly earrings.
  • Earrings are to be removed and handed to a teacher during certain activities such as P.E.   Your child must be able to do this for themselves.

The academy is not responsible for the loss of any jewellery.

  • Make-up, such as lipstick, mascara and nail varnish are not suitable for the academy, as students should not be distracted by concerns about their appearance. 
  • Students who arrive wearing make-up or any nail varnish will be required to remove it.
  • Extreme hair colours are not permitted.  Hair must be a natural colour. 
  • NO unusual hairstyles, including tram lines, are permitted.
  • Hair accessories should be small and discrete, neutral or royal blue in colour.  No large bows or clips to be worn.
  • All hair that falls below the chin must be tied back for Health & Safety reasons.

Our branded uniform can be purchased from our school supplier Brigade. We also recommend considering high street retailers for the majority of your child’s basic uniform, for value for money.

Please ensure your child’s entire school uniform including coat and shoes are labelled.  Whilst we do have lost property collections, we are not responsible for lost items.

We appreciate your support in helping us prepare your child for their secondary education and the world of work, where uniform and dress expectations may be in place.