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How things grow – 6th June 2020

Child holding drawing

Last week we looked at how plants grow. We found out what plants need to grow. The children have learnt that plants need sun, soil and water. We planted cress seeds in trays and watched them grow throughout the week. At group time the children planted beans in pots of soil. They also planted some […]

An exciting week in the Nursery!

Photo of Queen Elizabeth II.

This week the children celebrated the Platinum Jubilee and we spoke about the Queen. The children made crowns, flags and bunting ready for our Jubilee celebrations. The children celebrated by dressing up in their best clothes or in red, white and blue. We played games and danced and sang “God save our Gracious Queen” to […]

Animals on the Farm and how they help!

Four young pupils can be seen playing with toy Farm Animals in a classroom.

The children have been developing their knowledge about animals and how they help on the farm. They enjoyed playing a matching game and farm lotto at group time. We made our own farm animal jigsaw puzzles, sequencing the numbers on the pieces. We listened to the story of ‘Farmer Duck’. We repeated the refrains “How […]

Animals can help us in different ways!

Nursery pupils are seen learning about different animals and creating animal-inspired artwork.

Last week in Nursery, we learnt about how animals help people in their daily life. The children looked at Guide Dogs and Police Horses and we spoke about how they can help us. The children drew and painted Guide Dogs and other animals that help us. They enjoyed making collages of horses and talking about […]

We had Caterpillars arrive in our Nursery!

A photo of a Caterpillar and a Butterfly.

This week we had a package arrive from the butterfly farm which had five caterpillars inside. The children closely watched them moving around in the pot and eating their leaf mixture. During small group time the children learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly. They used many different words to describe how a caterpillar turns […]

Looking after Animals in Nursery and celebrating Easter!

Nursery pupils practice looking after pet animals.

This week in Nursery our children became Vets! They discussed how the Vets can help treat and look after our animals. They made their own animal faces by using their fine motor skills to colour, cut and glue. We turned our home corner and our garden into a Vet for the children to practice their […]