What happened in the story of ‘Owl Babies’?

An illustration from a storybook showing three Owls sitting together on a branch, looking out from the darkness of the trees.

Little Birds have been looking at the story of ‘Owl Babies’.

We have been thinking about the feelings of the baby owls when their mummy owl left them to go to get them food. We spoke about what their grown ups do when we are attending Nursery.

This helped us develop our personal, social and emotional development as well as an understanding of the world.

Some of us drew representations of owls on our giant chalkboard.

A young girl from Nursery is pictured drawing an Owl on the blackboard with some chalk.

In our key group time, we made an owl collage from textured materials. We were working together to share resources and enhance our turn taking skills.

Photo showing three young boys from Nursery working together to create a collage of an Owl using different materials.

Using our ideas, we painted a representation of a mummy owl using our hands, fingers and various sized brushes. These activities developed our expressive arts and design skills.

Four young pupils from Nursery are seen working together to create a piece of artwork inspired by the topic of Owls.

To support the development of our Mathematics, we sang the rhyme ‘Three Owls Sitting in the Tree’.