Year 6 Charity Fundraising

Barnardo's logo

Last term, through the class reader ‘Street Child’, the Year 6 children learnt about the children’s charity Barnardo’s. This charity was created during the Victorian era to help children who were homeless, orphans and in need of an education or job. Today, they support and protect children and young people facing a wide range of issues, from drug misuse to disability, from sexual abuse to domestic violence. They believe that with the right help, children can change their lives and achieve their potential.

The Year 6 children were so impressed with the relentless work that Barnardo’s do that they decided they wanted to #takeaction by raising money for the charity. As it was the run up to Christmas, they came up with innovative ideas for creating decorations which used minimal resources to keep costs low and ensure more profit could be donated. Knowing they would have a captive audience, they decided to sell the decorations for a small donation at the Key Stage Two Christmas performances. Additionally, they had a few teddy and fidget poppers to sell through a kind donation.

We are all incredibly proud of how the children showed their care towards others by really engaging in this activity. They were also keen to be risk-takers by hosting the stall and managing the monies. The children raised an amazing £79.84

We would like to thank all the parents, carers and staff who donated towards this incredibly important cause. It once again shows how incredibly caring our community is here at Dartford Primary Academy.

Thank you message to Dartford Primary Academy for their donation to the charity Barnardo's.