What are we learning about this term?

A group of Nursery pupils are pictured gathered together outdoors in their winter coats, listening to a member of staff who is speaking to them.

Little Birds were all very excited to return to the nursery after the Christmas holidays.

We enjoyed showing photos of our celebrations at home.

The Little Birds drew pictures to represent our time spent at home during the holidays.

A young boy from Nursery is seen drawing a picture of his time spent at home during the Christmas holidays.
A photo showing a drawing by a Nursery pupil of him and his family in the snow. The drawing is titled 'Winter Wonderland'.

Our provocation was called – “How can we help the Dogs?”

The Dogs were in an accident on their bikes in the playground. We had to come up with lots of ideas and suggestions as to how to solve this problem!

A soft toy Dog is seen laying on the ground in an outdoor play area, alongside a kids' tricycle.
A young girl is seen playing with a soft toy Dog outdoors in a play area, whilst wearing her winter coat and hat.

This term we are continuing to learn about Sharing the Planet and how people help us in our community. We are looking forward to continuing this inquiry over the coming weeks and look forward to sharing our learning with you.