The Nativity

Three Nursery pupils are pictured sat outdoors wearing blankets to act out the Nativity story with toy baby doll.

This week Little Birds have been introduced to the story of the birth of Jesus in ‘The Christmas Story’.

Front cover of the children's story book 'The Christmas Story'.

We have learnt some of the important characters’ names: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Kings, Angel and Shepherds.

We played with the characters of the Nativity and acted out parts of the story in sequence and completed a program on the iPad linked to the Christmas Story.

A child from Nursery is shown playing with some figurines of characters from the Nativity story.
Two young boys from Nursery are seen sitting on the floor, reading picture books about the Nativity story.

Little Birds played imaginatively in the outdoors area through taking on different roles developing our literacy skills by making up stories in various ways.

We printed our own wrapping paper and then used it with purpose for an important gift.

A young boy from Nursery is photographed wearing an art apron, whilst creating some artwork using plasticine.
A young boy from Nursery is pictured smiling for the camera, whilst wearing an art apron and showing a painting he has made.

Little Birds made hats to wear at our Christmas concert, we sang with enthusiasm nursery rhymes and Christmas tunes to our Parents and Carers.

A young girl from Nursery is seen smiling for the camera and wearing a hat she has made from card.
A young boy from Nursery is seen smiling for the camera and wearing a hat he has made from card.

In the outdoors area, we built a sleigh and reindeer from blocks and resources working with our peers and the practitioners to enhance our imaginative play and social skills.

A small group of Nursery pupils are pictured playing together on a wooden train outdoors in a play area.

We wish our friends and family a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a happy new year.

We look forward to continuing our learning with our inquiry into ‘Our Community’ in 2024.