Who We Are Day at DPA

On Friday 20th October 2023, we held our yearly ‘Who We Are Day’.  This was a great opportunity for each child to express and share with the other children in their class things about themselves and their families. On this day, the children came into the academy dressed in what makes them who they are and to share part of their identity. We also invited parents this year to take part in our very first ‘Who We Are Day Cultural Food Tasting Event.’ The hall was packed to the rafters and the food shared by our wonderful DPA families tasted divine. We literally tasted our way around the world!

Three female adults stood in front of a cake table and smiling for the camera.
A family eating together
Two people stood in traditional dress

The children certainly rose to the challenge during the day! We saw many ways the children chose to celebrate and express their identity, for example by giving a speech, creating a Google Slide presentation or sharing their photos of their family traditions on Class Dojo.

A student stood sharing pictures of themself on an interactive whiteboard
A student stood sharing pictures of themself on an interactive whiteboard
A student stood sharing a presentation of themself on an interactive whiteboard

As part of the day, the children also reflected on the things that we have and are thankful for and how Harvest is celebrated around the world. This was an amazing and healthy way of supporting their wellbeing too. We certainly enjoyed the day and look forward to celebrating it again next year!

  • Image 1: Year 5 created water paintings inspired by ‘The Harvest of the Sea.
  • Image 2: In Reception, the children designed puzzle pieces to represent themselves.
  • Image 3: Year 6 made Sukkah huts to represent the Jewish Harvest festival of Sukkot.
  • Image 4: In Nursery, the children listened to the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and harvested some potatoes.
  • Images 5 and 6: Year 3 learnt some Indian style dancing to celebrate Pongal – part of the Hindu Harvest Festival.
Student watercolour painting
Students Sukkah hut craft
Students designing puzzle pieces
Three Nursery students seen potting plants inside a tyre on the academy grounds.
A female student seen practising a Hindu dance in her classroom.
Students learning a Hindu dance in class.