Years 5 & 6 Boys’ Football Tournament

Photo of the Dartford Primary Academy Boys' Football Team posing for the camera together after having participated in a tournament.

Setting off to the tournament filled with high expectations, our team experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. A 0-0 draw in our first game, despite our dominance, set the stage for what would be a challenging journey. A 1-1 draw with the favourites stung, as we believed a ‘blatant penalty’ went unnoticed. With another draw and our first victory, we anxiously awaited the news of whether we’d make the finals, and the call confirming our spot brought immense relief.

Finals day was intense, and while we didn’t become champions, the boys’ performance was outstanding, losing only one of eight matches. We’re immensely proud of their conduct and are eagerly looking forward to the rest of the season.