Learning about Road Safety

A small group of Nursery pupils are pictured playing together outdoors on the academy grounds, under the supervision of a member of staff.

This week, Little Birds learnt about road safety in the nursery and the importance of a crossing patrol person to help in our community.

We learnt how to cross the road safely by holding an adult’s hand, remembering to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

We made our road signs using shaped paper and lolly sticks. We enjoyed using them in the environment to inform our friends of different directions and instructions to follow.

A young boy from Nursery is pictured sat at his desk, drawing road signs onto some circular pieces of paper.
A photo showing two circular pieces of paper with the words 'GO' and 'STOP' written on them by Nursery pupils, imitating road traffic signs.

We made our own traffic lights collaging shaped outlines with coloured rice.

A young pupil from Nursery is pictured using paint to create a traffic light with different colours for 'stop' and 'go'.
A small group of boys from Nursery are pictured working together to create their own traffic light, using different coloured paints.