Taking Action! – Reception Bake Sale

Photo of a selection of baked treats made by Reception class, ready to be sold at a bake sale.

This term the reception children have been learning all about homes in the UK and around the world building their understanding of our global community. They were shocked to find out that not everybody has a home to call their own. In classes, we read the story ‘A Place to Stay’. This is a story about living in a shelter. Building on this, we learnt about the charity Crisis who raise money to support people without homes and jobs.

Following on from this, we are very proud to say that the children decided they wanted to do something to help – to take action. They voted to raise money for the homeless by holding a bake sale after school. The children made cakes at school. We are also very grateful to the families and friends who bought and made donations for us to sell. It was a true community effort!

Thank you to everyone who came and bought something from our stall.

Overall, Reception raised a grand total of £278.31!

A young girl from Reception is pictured spooning cake mixture from a large plastic bowl into individual cake cases on a tray.
Two female pupils from Reception are seen mixing ingredients together to make a cake, whilst under the supervision of a staff member.
Five pupils from Reception are pictured sat together around a table, filling up a tray of cake cases with mixture.
A photo showing some cakes made by Reception class laid out on a table outdoors, ready to be sold at a bake sale.