Physical Education curriculum

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At Dartford Primary Academy, our aim is to provide a PE curriculum that, regardless of need or background, acquires the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential and achieve the aims of the EYFS Development Matters and National Curriculum through a broad, balanced and progressive approach. The fundamental skills taught in EYFS and KS1 are progressively planned and sequenced so that in KS2 pupils learn how to apply them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement. Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined end points. It reflects the local context of our academy to ensure gaps in the children’s knowledge and skills are provided for. We teach inclusive sports, including goalball and sitting volleyball that are played in the Paralympics, to allow all pupils of different needs and abilities the opportunity to succeed.

We use the philosophy of the IB PYP as the framework to ensure the PE coverage emphasises the development of the whole pupil through the learner profiles. In addition, we provide the pupils with the knowledge and skills to engage in different sports through PE lessons and after school clubs. This encourages them to appreciate different sports and cultures and helps them become global learners.

We use the scheme Real PE to help encourage the pupils to be physically active. These PE lessons also give the pupils opportunities to develop their communication skills, mindset and wellbeing, with regular exercise improving the area of the brain linked with learning and memory and helping to reduce anxiety. By encouraging all pupils to be active, we are supporting their emotional wellbeing and mental health, regardless of their social background. Pupils must understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful later in life. We enrich their time in our school by providing them with the knowledge and skills and cultural capital needed to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences both now and in later life.

Through the IB PYP, we offer a personalised curriculum that provides knowledge and skills, based on the EYFS Development Matters and Primary National Curriculum. PE is assessed within lessons, providing children with immediate feedback, as well as Real PE providing support videos for teachers in assessing whether skills are achieved well. Pupils progress is tracked against ELGs and end of year foundation tracking assessments. All pupils receive 2 hours of quality physical education per week and are taught through different teaching styles and strategies. The range of sports, after school clubs and competitions the pupils have access to allows them the opportunity to develop their confidence in attempting new challenges as well as developing character.

We ensure teachers have expert knowledge of the PE through a range of CPD opportunities, including face to face practical training with Real PE, PE coaches, videos to support delivery of skills and assessment of skills and constant discussions with the PE lead.

The majority of PE is taught through the Real PE scheme and is done so discreetly. However, some dance links can be made to our inquiries and some sections of PE can be linked with the science curriculum; this gives pupils an opportunity to embed their knowledge in their long-term memory. Pupils acquire new knowledge and skills that are practised in a range of different activities. Pupils work towards a high level of fitness and can understand the health benefits of this. This promotes their well-being and long term health. We encourage pupils to take leadership roles and use imagination and creativity in the techniques that they use.

We enter inter-school competitions, both within the Leigh Academies Trust and with other local primary schools, to allow the pupils opportunities to use the skills they have learnt in match situations. This also allows them to enjoy competing in sports and representing the school as well as developing their confidence in the sports and knowledge of the skills and rules of the game.

During a PE lesson, pupils will have fun, be enthusiastic and enjoy the tasks in order to develop fundamental skills which can then be applied when playing specific sports or transfer them to other lessons. We use immediate verbal feedback to allow pupils the opportunities to amend and develop their skills immediately within the lesson in order to reach their full potential and become competent in a wide range of activities. The assessment milestones for each phase have been carefully mapped out and further broken down for each year group. This means that knowledge and skills in PE are progressive and build year on year. Furthermore, it allows for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND to learn and become competent with the knowledge and skills through further focussed and specialised activities. Through the curriculum, the breadth and depth of knowledge of the sports and fundamental skills required is embedded for all pupils to develop later in life to help them have balanced healthy and active lives. This in turn aids in developing their cultural capital needed to succeed in life.