After School Clubs

Through the dedication and time given by our staff and the use of outside sports coaches, we at Dartford Primary Academy are able to offer children a diverse range of after school activities. We continue to develop the IB learner profiles through after school clubs and sporting events. 

  • Thinkers Children think and learn from their mistakes when playing different sports. When attacking or defending during team games, the children can evaluate what worked well and how they need to improve for the next game.
  • Inquirers Children are encouraged to inquire, ask questions and learn new rules for different sports.
  • Knowledgeable Children are knowledgeable about different sports and are able to explain and demonstrate skills and rules to show their understanding of how to play the sport and what they’ve learnt.
  • Reflective Children reflect about what skills and sports they are good at and how they could improve their tactics for their next game.
  • Risk takers Children have the courage to take risks when trying new sports and implementing new skills and tactics.
  • Communicators Children are able to communicate with their team, discussing tactics and how to work together effectively to score points.
  • Caring people Children consider the feelings of their team and opposition and lose and win graciously.
  • Principled people Children have principles and follow the rules, to ensure the game is fair.
  • Balanced people Children have a balanced lifestyle and enjoy participating in sports and doing exercise.
  • Open minded Children are open minded, listening and considering other people’s ideas when discussing tactics and communicating within their team. 

Through sport, children have opportunities to develop their cultural capital. Entering competitions, both inter-school and intra-school, gives them chances to develop new skills and play as part of a team, which for some children might be a new experience. It also allows them to meet and play against other children of the same age from other local schools.

We provide after school clubs which teach and coach the children how to play a range of different sports, some of which they might not have played before. These opportunities of allowing the children a taster of a new sport, might then lead them to take it up as a hobby outside of school and join a local club.

We also have links with Dartford District Schools FA, which involve children in different football events from Y1-6 throughout the year and offer an after school club with one of their experienced coaches.

Term 2 clubs;

  • Year R; Go Noodle, Lego, story time
  • Year 1; Cooking, dance, board games, drama/story telling
  • Year 2; Board games, books and boogie, games, hockey
  • Year 3; Board games, yoga, storytelling/drama
  • Year 4; Chess, French, STEM
  • Year 5; Drama, French, netball
  • Year 6; Drama, film, board games

Term 5 clubs;

Year RMultiskills

Arts and crafts

Games club
Year 1Gardening

Street Jazz

Crazy Science
Year 2Video games

Wacky Scientists

Arts and crafts

Gymnastics #WeAspireToBeAthletes
Year 3Origami

Construction Challenge

Year 4Badminton
Year 5French

Football #WeAspireToBeAthletes
Creative Arts
Year 6Singing
Tag rugby #WeAspireToBeAthletes