Year R – What am I learning now? (Term 1 and 2 2021-22)

Who we are

Central idea

The relationships we make help shape our lives.

Lines of Inquiry –  an inquiry into

  • Those who are important to us. (form)
  • Different types of relationships. (connection)
  • Building positive relationships with others. (responsibility)

Subject Focus

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding the World


The children will explore a range of resources that will get them thinking about the people in their lives and the relationships that they have with them. This includes the positive relationships that they have with themselves.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Make a family tree
  • Write a thank you card to someone important to us
  • Talk about a new friend you made at school

Class Stories

  • Starting School – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • I am Enough – Grace Byers
  • Mixed: A world of colour – Arree Chung
  • All Are Welcome – Alexandra Penfold
  • Funny Bones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Monkey Puzzle – Julia Donaldson

Transferrable skills (approaches to learning)

  • Communication – exchanging information
  • Social – intrapersonal
  • Self Management – state of mind

Links to PSHE / SMSC

  • Understanding and managing feelings and behaviours
  • Making new relationships 
  • Empathy and mutual respect of others’ thoughts and ideas.

Key Vocabulary

  • Friendships 
  • Relationships
  • Identity
  • Family
  • Community
  • Well-being 
  • Belonging

Career Links

  • Dentists – exploring oral health
  • Lollipop Lady, Police Officers, Fire Fighters – Relationships with people who help us
  • How to look after your home
  • Faith-makers – exploring different cultures

Sharing Success

  • Floor book to show and reflect on learning
  • Principled Certificate 
  • Tapestry
  • Class Dojo


Children will have settled into school and made positive relationships with staff and new friends. They will celebrate their first term in school by creating a collage of achievements and sharing this with their parents.

Milestones covered in this Inquiry

Prime areas

Communication and Language
  • I understand how to listen carefully and why listening is important.
  • I can engage in story-times.
  • I can learn rhymes, poems and songs.
  • I can listen carefully to rhymes and songs, paying attention to how they sound.
  • I can develop social phrases
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • I can see myself as a valuable individual
  • I can manage my own needs
  • I can identify and moderate my own feelings socially and emotionally
Physical Development
  • I can revise and refine the fundamental movement skills I have already acquired: Rolling, Crawling, Walking, Jumping, Running, Hopping, Skipping and Climbing
  • I can use my core muscle strength to achieve a good posture when sitting at a table or sitting on the floor.
  • I can further develop the skills I need to manage the school day successfully: Lining up and queuing, Mealtimes and Personal hygiene
  • I know and talk about the different factors that support my overall health and wellbeing: Regular physical activity, Healthy eating, Toothbrushing, Sensible amounts of ‘screen time’, Having a good sleep routine and Being a safe pedestrian.

Specific Areas

  • I can read individual letters by saying the sounds for them.
  • I can blend sounds into words, so that they can read short words made up of known letter-sound correspondences.
  • I can form lower-case and capital letters correctly.
  • I can count objects, actions and sounds.
  • I can subitise
  • I can count beyond 10
  • I can understand the one more than/one less than relationship between consecutive numbers
Understanding the World
  • I can name and describe people who are familiar to them.
  • I can talk about members of their immediate family and community.
  • I can comment on images of familiar situations in the past.
  • I understand that some places are special to members of my community.
  • I can draw information from a simple map.
Expressive Arts and Design
  • I can listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing my feelings and responses.
  • I can return to and build on my previous learning, refining ideas and developing my ability to represent them.