Year 6 Term 5: What I Am Learning Now

Sharing The Planet

Central Idea

Conflict may occur over access to resources.

Lines of Inquiry: An inquiry into…

  • How conflicts are brought about (form).
  • The development of conflicts past and present (connection).
  • How conflict can be managed in different ways (causation).


Subject Focus
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • DT

The children will participate in three stimulating activities: exotic fruits and vegetables exploration, farming and sewing and structures sessions. This will spark their interests into the lives of past civilisation- Maya. The will learn that our lives have been influenced by past civilisations.

Home Learning Opportunities
  • Research
  • Making the right choices when I am angry
Transferable Skills (Approaches to Learning)
  • Research: I can research the location and environment of where the Maya lived.
  • Social: I care for the needs of others.
  • Self-Management: I can use informed choices based on past experiences.
Class Novels
  • ‘Girl of Ink and Stars’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
  • ‘The Hero Twins’ by Dan Jolley
Links to PSHE/SMSC

I understand school rules of health and safety.

Key Vocabulary

Cacao Seeds, cenote, Chichen Itza, city-state, Huipil, Lintel, Pyramid, Tikal, Yucatan Peninsula, stela, Popol Vuh, nacom, Itzamna.

Career Links
  • Farmers
  • Historians
  • Chefs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Archaeologists
Sharing Success
  • Presenting our home learning
  • Posting wow work to our dojo portfolios
  • Star of the week
  • Display high quality work
  • Children will take part in a peace coming together of their three city-states.
  • Children will deliver “gifts” of food, art work etc. for peace.
  • Children will then write a narrative – a children living in Ancient Maya, which explores their experience of conflict and then peace.


Milestones covered in this inquiry…


  • I can appreciate that some ancient civilizations showed greater advancements than people who lived centuries after them
  • I can place features of historical events and people from past societies and periods in a chronological framework
  • I can produce an in depth study Mayan civilization c. AD 900
  • I can they recognise and describe differences and similarities/ changes and continuity between different periods of history


  • I can use maps, aerial photos, plans and web resources to describe what a locality might be like
  • I can they choose the best way to collect information needed and decide the most appropriate units of measure.
  • I can make careful measurements and evaluate the data.
  • I can use OS maps to answer questions, including the use of 6 figure grid references?
  • I can they give an extended description of the human features of different places around the world.


  • I can demonstrate the ability to adapt a character to different scenarios and is able to sustain a role effectively.
  • I can confidently vary grammar and vocabulary to suit the audience, purpose and/or context.
  • I can discuss and develop ideas; routinely use the drafting process before and during writing.
  • I can ddapt form and style to suit purpose and audience; draw appropriate features from models of similar writing.
  • I can use paragraphs to develop and expand some ideas in depth.
  • I can use a range of devices to link ideas within and across paragraphs e.g. adverbials or repetition of a phrase.
  • Use a range of presentational devices, including use of bullet points, tables and columns, to guide the reader.
  • I can integrate dialogue to convey character and advance the action.
  • I can describe characters, settings and atmosphere, with some precision.
  • I can evaluate own and others’ writing; proofread, edit and revise.


  • I understand school rules about health and safety.
  • I know how to help someone who is choking (First Aid Afternoon).
  • I know about people who are responsible for helping me stay healthy and safe (RECAP).
  • I know strategies for keeping physically and emotionally safe, including road safety, cycle, rail, water and fire safety (rail safety is the focus).
  • I know what is meant by enterprise and am beginning to develop enterprise skills.
  • I can develop an initial understanding of interest, loans, debt and tax.
  • I know about the role money plays in my own and others’ lives, including how to manage my money and be a critical consumer.

Art & DT

  • I can use my sketch book giving detailed notes, and quotes explaining about items.
  • I can use my sketches to communicate emotions and a sense of self with accuracy and imagination.
  • I can explain why I have combined different tools to create my drawings.
  • I can explain why I have chosen specific drawing techniques.
  • I can produce appropriate lists of tools, equipment and materials that I need.
  • I can evaluate my ideas and products against my original design.
  • I can generate innovative ideas, drawing on research.


  • I can explain how an algorithm works, detect errors in a program and correct them.
  • I can use an ICT program to control a number of events for an external device.
  • I can use ICT to measure sound, light or temperature using sensors and interpret the data.
  • I can explore ‘what if’ questions by planning different scenarios for controlled devices.
  • I can use input from sensors to trigger events.
  • I can check and refine a series of instructions.