Year 5 Term 6: What I Am Learning Now

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

Associations can be made between different cultures.

Lines of Inquiry: An inquiry into…

  • The structures of societies (form).
  • How societies communicate their beliefs (function).
  • The relationship between past and present traditions (connection).
Subject Focus
  • History
  • Computing
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • PSHE
  • English (reading, writing and spoken language)

The children will create a dance to Greek music, participate in a series of track and field events, where winners will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals and they will design Olympic clothing for Team GB.

Home Learning Opportunities
  • Compare your culture to another one of your choice.
  • Explain the importance of democracy in Britain today.
  • Between the Vikings and the Greeks, evaluate who had the greatest influence on British society today.
Class Reading
  • Class Novel: Who Let The Gods Out?
  • Inquiry Text: Greek Myths
Transferable Skills (Approaches to Learning)
  • Research: ICT literacy
  • Social: Accepting differences
  • Communication: Expression through the Arts
Links to PSHE/SMSC

As part of Activity Week, the children will enjoy experiences from different cultures from their own and will consider and respect the lives of people living in other places and people with different values and customs.

Key Vocabulary

Empire, marathon, Olympics, democracy, architecture, government, philosophy, sculpture, hoplite, Mt Olympus, amphitheatre, conquered, military, Europe and ancient.

Career Links

We are…

  • Historians
  • Actors
  • Poets
  • Sportsman
  • Cultural Secretaries
  • Government
  • Advisors
  • Authors
Sharing Success

During the term, children will be able to request a selfie of their work to be uploaded onto their Class Dojo profiles. The children will be participating in an opening ceremony for the DPA Olympics and will be sharing their dance routines and poems with their Year 5 peers and members of the Senior Leadership Team.


To take part in Activity Week embracing different cultures from across the globe linked to the Olympics and to relate past traditions and traditions from other cultures to my own.

Milestones covered in this inquiry…


  • I can read and recite age-appropriate poetry which has been learned by heart. 
  • I can identify and select determiners.
  • I can indicate degrees of possibility using adverbs e.g. perhaps, surely
  • I can embellish simple sentences.
  • I can develope fronted prepositional phrases for greater effect
  • I can start a sentence with an expanded “-ed” clause
  • I can  discuss and develop initial ideas in order to plan and draft before writing.
  • I can evaluate my own and others’ writing; with direction, proofread, edit and revise.
  • I can understand the interests of the listener.
  • I can use intonation linked to grammar.


  • I can subtract decimals within one.
  • I can add decimals by crossing the whole.
  • I can add and subtract decimals with the same number of decimal places.
  • I can add and subtract decimals with a different number of decimal places
  • I can add and subtract wholes and decimals
  • I can find patterns in decimal sequences
  • I can multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000
  • I can convert kilograms and kilometres
  • I can convert millimetres and mililitres
  • I can convert metric units
  • I can convert imperial units
  • I can convert units of time
  • I can use timetables.
  • I can identify angles
  • I can compare and order angles
  • I can measure angles in degrees
  • I can measure angles using a protractor.
  • I can draw lines and angles accurately
  • I can calculate angles on a straight line
  • I can calculate angles around a point

Lead Inquiry Subject – History

  • I can study the Greek life and achievements and their influence on the Western world.
  • I can begin to appreciate that how we make decisions has been through a Parliament for some time.


  • I can reference information sources.
  • I can decide which sections are appropriate to copy and paste from at least two web pages.