Year 4 – What am I learning now? (Term 3 2022-23)

How the World Works

Central idea

Water can impact and shape our lives in different ways.

Lines of Inquiry –  an inquiry into

  • How natural processes affect the way we live (change). 
  • How lives adapt to changes and life cycles (connection).
  • How are lives affected and shaped based on location (perspective)?

Subject Focus

Geography will be the lead subject for our inquiry this term. The children will investigate the water cycle, explain how a river changes from its source to its mouth and how a locality has changed over time.

They will plan and design a flood defence device to help those who live near rivers though our DT inquiry.


The children will investigate, ‘How does the mass of a block of ice affect how long it takes to melt?’

They will decide which information needs to be collected and the best way for collecting and presenting it.

This will hopefully raise several questions of the changing states of matter.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Visit a local river and take a picture for Class Dojo
  • Visit a famous river and observe how it influences livelihood

Class Stories

  • The Rhythm of the Rain
  • The River Singers – Tom Moonhouse

Transferable skills (approaches to learning)

  • Thinking skills-  knowledgeable
  • Social- collaboration
  • Self-management skills- organised

Links to PSHE / SMSC

Children will gain a greater understanding of how other people’s lives and difficulties may be different to their own. 

Key Vocabulary

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, climate, water-cycle, water vapour, climate, clouds, sun, lakes, mountains, rain, steam, weather, wind, changes.

Career Links

  • We are Environmental Agency River Wardens.
  • We are Town planners.
  • We are architects.
  • We are flood scientists.
  • We are chemists

Sharing Success

We will share a photos and updates of our learning on Class Dojo, weekly blogs and termly letter.


With climate change causing more intense and wet weather in the UK, children will design a flood water defence device for those living in flood prone areas.

Milestones covered in this Inquiry

  • Discuss, plan and compose to write a narrative story, poem and persuasive writing.
  • Use and apply the appropriate grammar skills
    can identify and use determiners
  • Use possessive pronouns: yours, mine, theirs, ours, hers, his, its
  • Use pronoun or the noun in sentences for cohesion and to avoid repetition
  • Use adverb to describe the manner in which the words were said.
  • Use possessive apostrophes for regular and irregular singular and plural nouns
  • Use plural and possessive –s
  • Experiment with different artist styles an artist used.
  • Explain art from other periods in history?
  • Artist of the Term: Claude Monet
  • Explain how the water cycle works.
  • Discuss how a river changes from its source to its mouth.
  • Know why people are attracted to live by the river.
  • Understand how a locality has changed over time with reference to physical features
  • Research, plan and design a flood defence system.
  • Identify and understand the three states of matter
  • Work scientifically to conduct out a fair test, obtaining and presenting evidence
  • Use technology to search, note take, tabbed browsing and open a PDF document.
  • Understand how to protect self image and identity when using the Internet.
  • Research the Ancient Greece civilisation.
  • Research the life of Jesus and why Christians are inspired by him.
  • Learn the structure of a song and elements through singing.
  • Developing fundamental skills, goal ball and tri-golf.
  • Learn about keeping healthy about what positively and negatively affects my physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Multiplications
  • Fractions
  • Area
  • Fractions