Year 2 – What am I learning now? (Term 3 2021-22)

Who we are

Central idea

Technology may enhance lives.

Lines of Inquiry –  an inquiry into

  • How technology has changed over time (change).
  • How technology is used in different areas of our lives (connection). 
  • How views of technology may differ (perspective). 

Subject Focus

Year 2 will explore a range of subjects in this unit of inquiry.
Our lead subjects are Computing & History.

We will explore a range of technology and devices from the past and look at the impact of new technology on our present day lives.


To begin our unit of inquiry, we will explore a range of old devices and see if we can figure out what they are.

We will look at how some technology has changed over time and will discuss the responses to the questionnaire.

Keep a look out for photos on ClassDojo.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Daily reading. Try to read every night.
  • Log in to Times Tables Rock Stars once a week. 
  • Investigate one of our weekly inquiry questions on Dojo!
  • Use Purple Mash to explore coding your own video game.

Class Stories

  • Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman
  • Blackout by John Rocco

Transferable skills (approaches to learning)

  • Communication  skills – I can use information technology to communicate with others. 
  • Research skills – I can use online devices accurately. 
  • Social skills – I can interact safely online.

Links to PSHE / SMSC

Healthy Body & Online Reputation

We will be revising how to keep our bodies healthy. 

We will explore online reputation by discussing the content and information we may share online and understand that once online it can stay there for many years. 

Key Vocabulary

Technology, device, computer, tablet, chronological, past, present, perspective, opinion, coding, algorithm, software, photography, reputation, entrepreneur, engineer. 

Career Links

We are…

  • Software engineers.  
  • Entrepreneurs. 

If you have a job linked to our inquiry and would be willing to visit us, please get in touch!

Sharing Success

  • Take a selfie – we will use ClassDojo to share images of work we are proud of. 
  • Principal’s certificate – we may be awarded certificates for our learning at the end of each week. 
  • We will be awarded Dojo points to celebrate our Learner Profile Attributes. 


We will create an instructional piece of writing and video to teach others how to use a tablet device. 

We will create a business to help others succeed with technology.

Milestones covered in this Inquiry

Lead Subjects

  • I can sequence a set of objects in chronological order. 
  • I can give examples of things that are different in my life from that of my grandparents when they were young.
  • I can predict the outcomes of a set of instructions when coding. 
  • I can test and amend a set of instructions when coding. 
  • I can experiment with text and pictures to create a website. 
  • I can record sounds into software and playback. 
  • I can use repeat commands. 
  • I can test and amend a set of instructions.
  • I can they write a simple program and test it.
  • I can use right angle turns and use repeat commands.
  • I can create a picture using a device. 
  • I can use simple IT mark-marking tools.
  • I can take photographs of myself in different moods and edit these using a device. 

Other subjects covered in this inquiry

  • I can describe some human features of Dartford, such as the jobs people do. 
  • I can explain how the jobs people do may be different in different parts of the world. 
  • I can discuss how people may spoil an area. 
  • I can find the longest and shortest route on a map.
  • I can explain how the jobs people do may be different around the world. 
  • Do they think that people try to make the area better? How?
  • I can create a picture independently.
  • I can use simple IT mark-making tools, e.g. brush and pen tools.  
  • I can edit my own work.
  • I can take different photographs of myself displaying different moods. 
  • I can change my photographic images on a device.