Year 2 – What am I learning now? (Term 1 2022-23)

Who we are

Central idea

Health and wellbeing can be affected by relationships

Lines of Inquiry –  an inquiry into

  • How we all have different needs (perspective).
  • How a balanced lifestyle leads to a healthy one (connection).
  • How people can support others in being healthy (responsibility).

Subject Focus – Science

Year 2 will explore a range of subjects in this unit of inquiry. Our lead subjects are Science & Geography. We will explore what it means to be physically, socially, spiritually and mentally healthy.  We will also explore Islam in RE and using data and retrieval skills within Computing.

Provocation: How healthy am I? What’s in my food?

  • To begin our unit of inquiry, we will explore the amount of sugar in our favourite foods and drinks.  
  • We will also be challenged to find out how fit and active we are. 
  • This will help us create our questions to help lead our inquiry. 
  • Keep a look out for photos on ClassDojo.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Daily reading – try to read every night
  • Try to create a healthy. balanced meal at home
  • Look at food packaging and explore how much sugar and salt they contain

Class Stories

  • Planet Omar – Zanib Mian

Transferrable skills (approaches to learning)

  • Thinking skills – I can connect and combine knowledge and skills for use in different situations, in and outside school.
  • Social skills – I care for the needs of others. 
  • Communication – I can write for different purposes and audiences.

Links to PSHE / SMSC

In PSHE, children will explore goals, dreams and relationships within the classroom.  They will learn how to identify good work partners and practice how to work collaboratively and effectively together.

Key Vocabulary

  • Basic Needs
  • Water
  • Food
  • Air
  • Breathing
  • Survival
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Healthy
  • Carbohydrates
  • Exercise
  • Grow
  • Strong
  • Energy
  • Faith
  • Belief
  • Values
  • Happiness
  • Hygiene

Career Links

We are…

  • Chefs
  • Personal trainers
  • Healthcare professionals

Sharing Success

  • Take a selfie – we will use ClassDojo to share images of work we are proud of.
  • Principal’s certificate – we may be awarded certificates for our learning at the end of each week.
  • We will be awarded Dojo points to celebrate our Learner Profile Attributes.


Year 2 have been challenged to become experts on health and wellbeing.  They will use their family, school and community relationships to produce a guide to being healthy for families and students new to our school and local area.

Milestones covered in this Inquiry

  • Write a narrative and a non-chronological report.
  • Orally compose and reread my sentences.
  • Begin to explore question marks and exclamation marks.
  • Use my phonics to read and spell words.
  • Read words containing common suffixes.
  • Listen and respond appropriately in a range of contexts.
  • Form letters correctly.
  • Mix and match paint.
  • Create a piece of work in response to the style of our focused artist.
  • Explore our locality using a range of sources.
  • Describe my local area using key vocabulary.
  • Follow the design process of research, design, make and evaluate.
  • Explore the basic needs of what animals need to survive.
  • Work scientifically.
  • Find and organise information on a website.
  • Identify and explore online bullying and its implications.
  • Explore how our local history has changed over time.
  • Use a range of appropriate words and phrases to describe the past.
  • Understand what Muslims believe.
  • Understand musical structure.
  • Understand how mood can be expressed using voice.
  • Develop fundamental skills.
  • Dance
  • Choose realistic goals and think about how to achieve them.