Year 1 – What am I learning now? (Term 2 2022-23)

Where we are in time and place

Central idea

Lines of Inquiry –  an inquiry into

  • What previous generations played with. (Form)
  • How toys have changed through the generations. (Change)
  • How do the toys we play with today link to that of the past. (Connection)

Subject Focus – History

We will be learning about Queen Victoria and how things have changed since the Victorian times. This will include toys that have changed since this time. We will be discussing how the British Monarchy has changed throughout history and their changing roles in the British Monarchy.


In provocation we investigated the Monarchy and discussed what their role is in society. We discussed previous Kings and Queens. We looked at changed through history for example; post boxes. We will also be inquiring into different Victorian toys.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Discuss the current monarchy.
  • Share favourite toys throughout generations.

Class Stories

  • Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine – Gloria Whelan
  • Traction Man Is Here – Mini Grey

Transferable skills (approaches to learning)

  • Research – Gathering and recording information about the monarchs.
  • Thinking – Evaluating artefacts and pictures.
  • Communication – Listening and speaking to each others ideas.

Links to PSHE / SMSC

This term in PSHE we are looking at relationships within families and the relationships we have with our peers and how to be a great friend. We will also be discussing how families are different; including the royal family.

Key Vocabulary

  • Monarchs
  • United Kingdom
  • Britain
  • Victorians
  • KIngs
  • Queens
  • Royalty
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

Career Links

  • Toy Makers
  • Historians
  • Engineers

Sharing Success

  • Principal’s Certificate – we may be awarded certificates for our learning at the end of each week.
  • We will be awarded Dojo points to celebrate our Learner Profile Attributes.


  • We will be producing a fact file about Queen Victoria’s life.
  • We will be designing and creating our own unique toys.

Milestones covered in this Inquiry

  • Write an explanation , narrative (traditional fairy tales) and recount (diary entry)
  • Orally compose and reread my sentences.
  • Use my phonics to read and spell words.
  • Spell words using the prefix un.
  • Use voice and expression to engage the listener.
  • Form letters correctly.
  • Become familiar with key stories , fairy stories and traditional tales, retell them and know their characteristics
  • Check that a text makes sense when reading ;self correct and re read inaccurate reading.
  • Print using a range of materials.
  • Use a range of tools to apply paint.
  • Describe what can be seen and give an opinion on the work of an artist.
  • Identify physical features of the continents and UK countries.
  • Use geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features.
  • Explore and use mechanisms for example levers and sliders in products.
  • Explore the properties of materials and their uses.
  • Work scientifically by performing simple tests to explore questions.
  • Understand what algorithms are.
  • Use technology safely and responsibly.
  • To find out about a famous person from the past and carry out some research on him/her.
  • To understand that we have a king or queen who rules us and that Britain has had a king or queen for many years.
  • To identify the main difference between old and new objects.
  • Understand who a Christian is and what they believe.
  • Explore sounds by identifying and discussing.
  • Explain about pitch and making high and low vocal sounds.
  • To master basic movements and develop agility, balance and coordination.
  • To understand how to travel in different ways.
  • Understand relationships.