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There are 3 classes in our Reception year.

Tree Kangaroo, Chimpanzee and Giraffe class.

Each class has access to a shared outside area which they access throughout the day. There are a variety of zones to interest, engage and extend children’s learning. We have the following available each day for our Reception children:

  • Physical area – for team games, football, bat and ball skills and other games
  • Sensory – sand and water play, mud kitchen
  • Climbing frame – to encourage gross motor skills and imaginative play with a road for the bikes and scooters.
  • Small world – to follow the children’s interests we have a variety of small world toys like cars, trains, dinosaurs, people, insects – to name a few!
  • Construction – bricks, blocks and large wooden blocks and planks for dens, obstacle courses, cars and whatever else we can dream of!
  • Writing/ Maths – these are distributed across all areas in forms of chalk, clipboards, paints, numbers, shapes and through our conversations with the children.
  • Investigative – pond areas, minibeast houses and wooden logs/trunks with binoculars and magnifying glasses and opportunities for gardening and exploring senses in the herb garden.
Photo showing an outdoor play area on the Dartford Primary Academy grounds, with a wooden climbing frame seen.
A photo of a table in the middle of a classroom. On top of it are numbers and multi-coloured counters laid out.