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Throughout the day, the children in Nursery and Reception move between the inside classroom, the outside classroom and other learning spaces like the library and the school hall.

Nursery children (30 hours) eat their lunch in the Nursery classroom and then have time to play in their learning environment, inside and outside.

Reception children go to the school hall to eat their lunch and then use the school playground with years one and two.

After lunch, the children have another opportunity to come together as a class to discuss what we have learnt that day and to share a story.

The Nursery day ends at 2.50pm and collection is via the side gate in Colney road.

Reception children can be collected via the back gate in Waid Close – parents can wait on the playground and the children are seen out by their class teacher at 3.00pm. We encourage the children to stay in their class line until a member of staff has told them they can go, so please be patient as we ensure everyone can see their parent.

If your child will attend our on site after school club or clubs run by the school, they will be escorted to the correct place by a member of staff.