Trips & Visits

We are passionate that educational trips and visits add depth and vibrance to what your child studies.  We promote the skills of the IB especially open mindedness, risk taking and being reflective when we plan our trips and visits.  

We look for as many opportunities as possible to explore this when planning the transdisciplinary themes.  Where possible, our staff seek to enrich your child’s learning with a visit or trip either locally or further afield to really help support and consolidate your child’s learning.

Our children enjoy our planned residential trips which build their characters immensely.  The ‘outwards bounds’ elements of the residential really develops your child’s social skills, builds resilience, team work and pushes them out of their comfort zone.  All good preparation for the challenge of secondary school.  

Please ensure you keep an active watch out for parent mail, our facebook page and our upcoming events on this webpage for opportunities.