Themed Events

To support our formal curriculum and the delivery of the national curriculum through the PYP framework, we also enjoy themed events to promote areas that maybe not covered fully in your child’s formal education.

Our themes to enjoy this year are:

Roald Dahl Day – enjoying literacy and the love of reading.

At Dartford Primary Academy we had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl day on 13th September. The children were able to take part in several activities which helped them celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday. They started the day by being dressed up as their favourite characters and they all looked fantastic! They then took part in reading, drama and art activities based around their year group’s chosen book and some of these included; making dream catchers, retelling the story with puppets and creating posters for a window cleaning business. Finally they created a new character of their own who would help Matilda defeat Miss Trunchbull and thought about the attributes the character might have. We all had a great day and the children loved listening to new stories!

Academy Council  – promoting democracy and the voting process.  Building confidence in public speaking

Black History Month – creating an awareness of how Carribean and African communities have impacted our past and future generations.  Promoting cultural diversity and celebration of black culture

World Mental Health Day – helping to raise awareness for children and their families the importance of well being and mental health support.  

Anti Bullying Week – Promoting positive attitudes and kindness to others.  Ensuring children know there is no place for bullying

Road Safety – Ensuring your child has the awareness and skills to keep safe on increasingly busy roads

Promoting Parliament week – ensuring your every child has an understanding of British democracy and their role within it.

Celebrating cultural celebrations – Christian celebrations such as Easter and Christmas, Diwali – Festival of Light, Chinese New Year  and other key cultural celebrations will be covered to promote tolerance and cultural diversity.

Recycling Week – Exploring our planet and how we can have a real impact on saving the planet.

Fairtrade Fortnight – Children will understand the importance of fair trade and consumer choices.  Being able to make informed decisions as they move into adulthood.  

Shakespeare Week Understanding the importance of a great British literary talent.  Reading and exploring the world of Shakespeare’s stories.

Whilst not an exhaustive list of our themes, it gives an insight to how we seek to develop our children cultural capital and their awareness of others around them.