Performance Opportunities

Throughout the academic year we include several opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

These include:

  • Harvest – Focusing on being thankful for all we have, the children recite poetry they have learnt by heart using appropriate expression to engage the audience. They enjoy the fascination of learning about themselves and how cultures around the world celebrate.
  • Christmas – The pupils focus on celebrating together through choreographed performances and singing in unison as they explore the nativity story and cultural traditions at this time of year.
  • Easter – Pupils learn about how Easter is celebrated around the world. They prepare their own factual pieces and each has the opportunity to read a section on their own if they wish to. Pupils also perform a range of songs in unison and use sign language to communicate the meaning.
  • Summer Concerts – The pupils perform a variety of songs to celebrate all that has been achieved in the year.
  • Pride Assemblies – Celebrating what your child has achieved and collectively recognising it.