Keeping Children Safe

It is everyone’s duty to ensure every child is safe and free to enjoy their childhood and their learning experience.  We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect. Many people do not act because they’re worried about being wrong. You don’t have to be absolutely certain; if you’re concerned a child is being abused or their safety is at risk, speak to someone.

If you’re worried a child is in immediate danger you can call the police on 999 or the NSPCC hotline on 0808 800 5000.

If you want to record less immediate concerns about a child you can ring the NSPCC hotline on 0808 800 5000 or complete their online reporting form.


Alternatively, you can contact Kent’s children services team onl 03000 41 11 11 (text relay 18001 03000 41 11 11) or email Out of hours and in an emergency call 03000 41 91 91.

Reporting your concerns could provide the missing piece of information that is needed to keep a child safe.


At Dartford Primary Academy, we teach children to:

  • make reasoned, ethical decisions;
  • be principled so that they can act with integrity and honesty;
  • show empathy, compassion and respect;
  • care for themselves and promote their own well-being and that of others.

We do not tolerate bullying of any type and any such incidents would be dealt with by following academy’s behaviour policy.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online.

We teach our children to recognise the signs of bullying and what to do if they’re worried someone is being bullied. Every year, we take part in Anti-Bullying Week which takes place in November.

Please follow the links below to access independent advice about bullying:

Educate Against Hate

The Education Secretary launched a new website in January 2016, which offers parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice to protect children from the dangers of extremism, drawing on resources and guidance designed by the government and charities such as the NSPCC and Childnet.

Educate Against Hate is there to protect children in and out of school and is designed to help those closest to children to keep them safe from extreme views.

Click here to go to the parents’ section on the website, Educate Against Hate

Messages of hate can take many forms. Extremist groups use them to recruit young people. Here you will find information to help you understand the issues and protect your child.