IB Learner Profile

Our Nursery and Reception classes are following the Primary Years Programme (PYP) alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

At the heart of this programme is the IB Learner Profile which characterises successful learners as:

  • Reflectors: taking pride in not only the product or the final outcome but in the process that led to it.
  • Critical thinkers: knowing always that there are multiple sides to every story, statement and “fact”.
  • Communicators: believing that dialogue is the way, and always capable of expressing their view confidently and openly.
  • Risk-takers: showing confidence in approaching the unfamiliar.
  • Knowledgeable: always striving to be aware of what is going on in the world around, seeking knowledge through experience and study; always approaching the body of knowledge as an endless expanse of space where they can roam freely.
  • Principled: applying themselves to the task at hand with a strong sense of moral responsibility, integrity, honesty and justice.
  • Well-balanced: rejecting what is extreme in all that they do; always aware that moderation is a great virtue.
  • Caring: showing responsibility in all that they do (be that towards things, people or abstract notions)
  • Open-minded: aware that opinion and perspective are highly subjective and showing respect to the views, values and belief systems of others.
  • Committed: to their identity, religion and belief system, yet always in dialogue with those who do not subscribe to the same values.

We strive to provide a friendly, stimulating and supportive environment for children to grow, learn and develop these characteristics.