PSHE and RSE curriculum

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At Dartford Primary Academy, we deliver a cohesive ‘whole school’ approach to our PSHE and RSHE curriculum. This equips the children with the essential knowledge and skills needed for them to play an increasingly positive role in both their local community and the wider world. It is planned to give pupils the knowledge and skills which are set out in the National Curriculum and even goes beyond this by giving them the opportunities to reflect on real life scenarios they might face later in life. Our curriculum is designed so that, regardless of need or background, every child acquires the knowledge and skills to be successful in the wider world, becoming responsible and confident individuals. This is delivered through the PYP framework which allows the children to access PSHE through a cross curricular model as well as the six topics taught throughout the year. Through this, the children will be encouraged to develop their own self-worth and start to recognise their own roles as well as develop the characteristics of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profiles. The PSHE and RSHE curriculums have been progressively and sequentially planned to ensure that the knowledge and skills build upon previous years as the children move through the school. Our children will gain an understanding into how they are developing personally and socially, whilst simultaneously taking into consideration the moral, social and cultural issues that they may face growing up. The curriculum addresses the local context of Dartford. For instance, we provide children with opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities and develop an appreciation of what it means to be a member of such a diveRSHE community. The children will be prepared for life in modern Britain and will be taught the importance of mutual respect, tolerance and democracy. Our curriculum is taught through the International Baccalaureate philosophy and we will deliver this to a high standard, providing our children with essential life skills, which will help them to succeed later in life.

PSHE and RSHE are taught across the school continuously during lessons, assemblies, school clubs, school events and break times. This all helps to ensure that knowledge and skills are embedded which the children can then draw on during school and throughout the rest of their lives. Our well-structured approach combines various sources, including that of the PSHE Association, Jigsaw, and the Christopher Winter Project, to enable a thorough model in delivering our curriculum. Teachers have sound knowledge and have CPD opportunities to improve their own knowledge of PSHE and RSHE, to ensure that the children access our curriculum to the fullest. Both PSHE and RSHE are planned and taught to ensure inclusivity, so that all pupils, including those with SEND will be able to access the content that is appropriate for them and their needs. The six topics which are taught and assessed throughout the year are: Dreams and Goals, Relationships, Keeping Healthy, Celebrating Difference, Keeping Safe and Change. Each class creates a journal that includes examples of work undertaken throughout the term. These provide evidence of learning and are a tool to promote discussion with the children about their learning. Each of these corresponds to a particular IB learner profile:

  • Dreams and Goals – Inquirer
  • Relationships – Caring
  • Keeping Healthy – Balanced
  • Celebrating Difference – Open minded
  • Keeping Safe – Reflective
  • Change – Knowledgeable.

In EYFS, the provision is planned to ensure development in Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) which occurs daily. Within this provision, children will explore the ideas of relationships, feelings and appropriate behaviours, self-confidence and self-awareness, rules and routines, empathy and restorative justice. In KS1 and KS2, children will delve into our six outlined topics and each year the group builds on pupils’ previous knowledge. Throughout the year, children will be presented with a range of opportunities to explore the world and relationships relevant to their age group.

By the end of a child’s time at Dartford Primary Academy, they will be a happy, confident and responsible individual. The impact will be seen through their positive interactions with one another and their healthy outlook towards school and the wider community. They will have an understanding and acceptance of how people in a community can be different and celebrate this. Children will be aware of how their own actions, as well as the actions of others, matter and will confidently apply their understanding of the world to deal with situations responsibly. All pupils, including disadvantaged students and students with SEND, will acquire the cultural capital that they need to succeed later in life, as the curriculum ensures that they are ready for the next stage of education. This will be done through the various opportunities that arise from our lessons, assemblies, school clubs, school events and break times. Furthermore, through the RSHE curriculum, our children should gain a deeper understanding of their own bodies and how they will change and develop as they grow up. When a child leaves us, the knowledge and skills learnt through PSHE/RSHE will support them on their journey to becoming a well-rounded individual, capable of making well-informed decisions.