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Global Citizens & Responsibility

Alongside preparing your child for the next phase in their education, we seek to provide opportunities to enable your child to be a leader and develop their personal skills also. We understand that leadership skills are important and encourage children to take on roles as often as possible.

Our School Council

Determined Persistent Achievers 

Our academy council is full of hard-working, dynamic individuals who have been voted for by their peers. This creates a central group that speaks on behalf of the whole school and makes decisions about school life. We value the opinions of our pupils and the School Council gives pupils a forum to share these opinions with the Headteacher and other members of staff.

Learning to Change the World  

Each child has a specific role to play in our school council. Our chairperson leads the group in discussions, whilst someone else records the minutes. We then send these minutes to the leadership team of the school for approval. The ideas come from the children but it is also an opportunity to discuss new ideas the school has to see what the children think. This model provides DPA with two-way communication and ensures that our children have a voice.

Sports Captains 

Determined Persistent Achievers 

Sports leaders have been chosen to create, encourage and inspire children at our school. With the help of our sports coach, we lead children in games as well as introduce them to new ones. We encourage them to be risk-takers by learning new things and get them to connect by playing with new people. We also help children to make the right choices during lunchtime so that they understand how to play to the rules.

Learning to Change the World  

By setting a good example to younger children and showing them how to play safely whilst enjoying games at lunchtime. We are learning leadership skills as well as providing a variety of games for everyone to enjoy.

Digital Champions 

Determined Persistent Achievers 

At DPA we have digital champions whose job it is to help support children from Nursery to Year 6 with their computing knowledge and skills. We think carefully about the digital world we live in, and support children with online safety. We will be working with children and teachers to ensure that everyone at DPA knows how to use technology safely and respectfully, keep their personal information private and know where to go for help and support if they ever have a worry or concern. We help influence decisions about digital matters at our school and gain pupil perspective about how we can make a difference at Dartford Primary Academy. 

Learning to Change the World  

Our aim is to spread new knowledge and skills across our school. We are working to become experts in computing so that we can support both children and staff with new programmes, equipment and resources. Throughout the year we will be holding assemblies, running events such as ‘Safer Internet Day’ and “Anti-bullying week” which link to cyberbullying. We also provide educational videos for other children and staff!

Playground Buddies

Determined Persistent Achievers  

DPA currently has a fantastic Playground Buddy team, with buddies starting in Year 2 and going all the way up to Year 6. The buddies carry out their role during play times and lunchtimes and have been trained to support children who may feel worried, anxious, cross or upset. The Playground Buddies wear blue caps so that they can be easily recognised by the children at school. The aim of the scheme is to encourage children to be good role models and it is essential in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for our children during play times and lunchtimes. It also gives them some feeling of responsibility. Not only do they help to make the playground a happy place for all the children, but they also offer great help to the staff on duty at lunch.

Learning to Change the World  

Buddies will be on hand to help pupils who have fallen over, sort out minor playground disagreements fairly, instigate suitable age-appropriate games, encourage shy children to join in or simply keep them company, informing staff when there are problems. They set a good example by being caring and principled to others. The Playground Buddy scheme has several benefits:

  • It gives the children a chance to have responsibility.
  • It encourages them to care for the people in their community.
  • It ensures that there are no children feeling lonely or isolated on the playground.
  • There are opportunities for the children to participate in a variety of playtime games and activities.
  • It encourages self-esteem in all our children as they become valued members of our school community.

Life Skills & Experiences

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Academy Sports

At Dartford Primary Academy, we believe in providing a diverse range of rich learning experiences for our children that deepen their understanding and raise their aspirations. We have a huge variety of enrichment activities that aim to enhance our curriculum and foster new skills and talents in each child.

Dartford Primary Academy offers a broad and balanced PE curriculum, as well as a wide range of clubs and activities, which are held at lunchtime and after school.

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