Academy Sports

We continue to develop children’s cultural capital during PE lessons, when we teach the children goalball and sitting volleyball which are sports played in the Paralympics. This gives them the opportunity to experience how it might feel to be disabled; all players are blindfolded when playing goalball and have to listen for the ball which has a bell inside it and you are not allowed to stand when playing sitting volleyball, to see what it is like for people who are amputees or have the loss of muscular strength or flexibility in a joint.


Sportshall Athletics Inter-school Competition (virtual); Term 2

We competed in two virtual sportshall athletics competitions; years 3/4 and 5/6. The children completed the events within their PE lessons, including a vertical jump, chest push and speed bounce. Their results were entered along with those from other participating primary schools in Dartford.

I am pleased to announce that we came 3rd in the year 5/6 competition and 1st in the year 3/4 event! This means that some year 3/4 children will be chosen to represent Dartford in the Kent School Games Final in June, either in person or virtually.

Congratulations to all of the KS2 children who participated!

Sainsbury’s School Games Award

In 2019, we applied for the Sainsbury’s School Games Award. The School Games Award comes in three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve the level we were aiming for, the children had to enter at least 3 inter-school games competitions and as a school we needed to hold at least 5 intra-school competitions for the children to compete in over the year, as well fulfill a range of other activities. We are pleased to announce we completed this criteria and we were awarded the BRONZE AWARD!