Academy Sports

We continue to develop children’s cultural capital during PE lessons, when we teach the children goalball and sitting volleyball which are sports played in the Paralympics. This gives them the opportunity to experience how it might feel to be disabled; all players are blindfolded when playing goalball and have to listen for the ball which has a bell inside it and you are not allowed to stand when playing sitting volleyball, to see what it is like for people who are amputees or have the loss of muscular strength or flexibility in a joint.

Goalball Sport Relief

    13th March 2020:

On Friday 13th March the children and staff came to school dressed in sport clothing in return for donating £1 to Sport Relief – rugby shirts, football kits, dance tutus, it was fantastic! During the day, all of the children from nursery to year 6 took part in a big dance, dancing to the Cha Cha Slide, Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae and The Macarena. We all had a brilliant time dancing together!

Together, we raised £353!

Thank you for your help in supporting Sport Relief. The children learn how important it is to be internationally minded, helping those people less fortunate than themselves all around the world. They learn and watch how some small countries have crops which fail and whose children cannot get enough food and education to help them have a fulfilling future. By being global citizens and helping people around the world who do not have as much as us, we can help them live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Football League Matches :

9th March 2020 On Monday 9th March, the boys football team played their third league match against Wilmington Primary School. They kept the pressure on the other team from the beginning of the match and there was some great defending. Despite this, they lost 9-0, however they kept their spirits high and played their best for the entire match. Especially well done to Lennon who’s defending really shone through.

  Boys Football League Match; 26th February 2020 On 26th February, the boys football team played against Maypole Community Primary School. It was a great match to watch and we could see the determination of the boys as the game progressed. The score was very close and the boys just missed out on a draw, with the final result being 8-7 to Maypole. Well done to Thomas and Mitchell who both scored 3 goals and David who scored 1.  

Girls Football League Match; 10th February 2020 On Monday 10th February the girls had their second match in the league. Their attitude to the game was different to their first match – they were more confident and vocal to each other when they were on the pitch. Despite their 2-0 loss, they played amazingly well with some good defending and I’m proud of how they have progressed in such a short space of time. Well done girls!  

Boys Football League Match; 3rd January 2020 On Monday 3rd February, the boys football team played their first match of the league table against Manor Community Primary School. The boys worked well as a team and as a result we won 8-0! Well done to Thomas and Mitchell who both scored two goals, Ollie who scored one and David who scored three. There was great defending and attacking by all the players and James and Lennon both did well in goal. Great start to the season, well done boys!

Girls Football League Match; 27th January 2020 The girls football team had their first match on Monday 27th January against Dartford Bridge Community Primary School. Despite the cold and rain, the girls did well with a good defence team and saved many goals. Player of the match goes to Macie who was super in defence. A good start to the season, well done girls!

Infant Agility; 12th February 2020 On Wednesday 12th February, 9 KS1 children competed in the Infant Agility competition against 9 other schools. They all took part in completing an eight activity circuit which included speed bounce, rolling a ball to knock down skittles, chest push, hoop skipping, stepper, kicking a ball to knock down skittles, long jump and javelin. The children did really well and tried their best in all the events – well done!

LAT Primary Schools Swimming Competition; 5th December 2019 On Thursday 5th December, four Year 6 children took part in the LAT Primary Schools Swimming Competition. It was a pleasure to take Kayleigh, Fynn, Keith and Charlie to the event; they had great sportsmanship and worked well together in the relay races, as well as encouraging each other during the individual races. Especially well done to Charlie who finished third in his heat and got through to the breaststroke final!

Sportshall Athletics Y5/6 competition (School Games)

12th November 2019 The Y5/6 children who competed in the Sportshall Athletics competition had a great attitude and ethos for the event. It was fantastic to see how they supported one another; cheering and congratulating each other throughout the competition. Well done to all of the children who participated!

Sportshall Athletics Y3/4 competition (School Games)

12th November 2019 There were 20 children who took part in the Year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics competition, which included both track and field events. The children had a great time and were enthusiastic about completing the different events. They all tried their best and were very supportive of each other.

Sports for Champions

7th November 2019 On 7th November, Luke Lennon-Ford visited our school, on behalf of Sports for Champions, and spoke to the children about how he won 18 gold, silver or bronze medals, by representing England in the 400m or 4x400m relay. He told the children why he become an athlete, as well as his diet and training regime. The children completed their sponsored event with Luke with enthusiasm, determination and enjoyment, although a little out of breath! Luke was great at getting them motivated and encouraging them to do their best. We raised an amazing £1,179.30, of which the school keeps £347.58! Thank you so much to all the children for taking part and to parents, friends and family who sponsored them. Luke said that it’s always a great day when you inspire 600 plus children! The children were brilliant and really got into the event! “I enjoyed doing the spotty dog!’ Rose ‘It was really good and Luke was very supportive. I enjoyed the push ups the best!’ Becky ’It was really find and I liked doing the exercises uses with my friends.’ Lucy I enjoyed the running when my hands were on the floor, the push ups and star jumps.’ Albert ‘It was lots of fun, but the push ups were hard. I enjoyed counting down for the other groups!’ Oscar ‘The star jumps were fun!’ Zack ‘All the children were buzzing, joined in and had a fantastic time. Lots of them spoke about wanting to work on their own goals after they had his assembly.’ Miss Crane

Quicksticks Y5/6 competition (School Games)

9th October 2019 The year 5 and 6 Quicksticks team took part in a county qualifying event this week.  A fantastic time was had by all as the DPA team showed off their hockey skills.  Through hard work and great teamwork, the team managed to draw 3 games, whilst losing 3 games.  Well done to everyone involved.

Quicksticks Y3/4 competition (School Games)

8th October 2019 Well done to Phoebe, Athirayan, Anjola, Jake and Annalei who competed against 5 other Dartford Primary Schools in a Quicksticks competition. It was wonderful to see the improvement in the children of both technique and team work as the tournament progressed over the day. Especially well done to Phoebe and Jake who both scored a goal in the competition!

Girls annual football tournament

27th September 2019 On Friday 27th September the girls football team competed against 3 other primary schools in a football tournament. Despite losing in their first match, they soon became more involved in their following games and showed great improvement as the tournament went on.  They showed great team spirit and they all enjoyed their first matches!

Boys annual football tournament

26th September 2019 On Thursday 26th September, some of the boys from the football team entered an event where we played against four other local primary schools. The boys played really well; great teamwork and sportsmanship with players from other schools and some great defending and goalkeeping. All the boys behaved extremely well and we’re very proud of them!

Fast 5s football event

19th September 2019 On  Thursday 19th September, 9 children from Year 1 and 2 took part in a five-a-side football competition at Dartford FC. The rules were relaxed, giving the children  the opportunity to play matches in a friendly environment. Over the tournament, there were 11 goals scored from Jack, Josh N, Josh W and Nikolas – well done! The children had a great time and their enthusiasm was lovely to watch!

DPA Girls Football Team

2019-2020 Rose, Sophie, Ella, Erin, Jasmine, Kayleigh, Vera, Lilly, Sienna, Macie, Ellie, Maddiosn and Tayla. DPA Boys Football Team; 2019-2020 Timi, Daniel, Lennon, Aidan, Mitchell, Archie, Alfie, Ollie, James, Ryan, Zaq, Thomas, Vinnie and David.   2018-2019 In 2019, we applied for the Sainsbury’s School Games Award. The School Games Award comes in three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve the level we were aiming for, the children had to enter at least 3 inter-school games competitions and as a school we needed to hold at least 5 intra-school competitions for the children to compete in over the year, as well fulfill a range of other activities. We are pleased to announce we completed this criteria and we were awarded the BRONZE AWARD!