Academy Sports

We continue to develop children’s cultural capital during PE lessons, when we teach the children goalball and sitting volleyball which are sports played in the Paralympics. This gives them the opportunity to experience how it might feel to be disabled; all players are blindfolded when playing goalball and have to listen for the ball which has a bell inside it and you are not allowed to stand when playing sitting volleyball, to see what it is like for people who are amputees or have the loss of muscular strength or flexibility in a joint.

Photo of three Dartford Primary Academy students participating in an indoor PE lesson.
Photo of three Dartford Primary Academy students participating in an indoor PE lesson.

Sports Hall Athletics

We entered two virtual sportshall athletics competitions this term; year 3/4 and year 5/6. The children completed a range of activities including vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push and shuttle run. Their scores were collected and sent off to our local School Games Organiser who then compared them with scores from other local primary schools. Out of 13 schools who took part, we came 4th in the year 3/4 competition and 5th in the year 5/6 competition – well done to all of KS2!

Year 3/4 Football

We played 5 matches in a football tournament and started really well against some tough opposition. A drawn first game gave us some confidence going into match two. However, unbeknown to us, we came up against the strongest team in the tournament who duly peppered our goal for the whole ten minutes. Some outstanding goalkeeping kept the score low but it impacted the way the children approached the next few games. The children represented the school really well and enjoyed themselves for the whole afternoon.

Year 5/6 Football

We played against Cherry Orchard in the league and despite not having enough players and having to borrow some of theirs, we managed to work well as a team and create opportunities for Aston to score 3 goals!

We also competed in a tournament against 5 other schools. The children enjoyed the opportunity to represent the school and their teamwork shone through both on and off the pitch. Ronny scored the only goal of the tournament – from past the half way line in the final match! The children’s faces showed how much they appreciated that goal!

Sainsbury’s School Games Award

In 2019, we applied for the Sainsbury’s School Games Award. The School Games Award comes in three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve the level we were aiming for, the children had to enter at least 3 inter-school games competitions and as a school we needed to hold at least 5 intra-school competitions for the children to compete in over the year, as well fulfill a range of other activities. We are pleased to announce we completed this criteria and we were awarded the BRONZE AWARD!