Where does fruit grow and come from?

Little Birds this week have been using our knowledge to inquire about fruit and healthy eating, further developing our health and self-care knowledge.  We explored the feel of real fruits using our senses of touch and smell as well as speaking about our likes and dislikes. 

At focus group time we used our finer physical skills to cut up and prepare the fruit. We had the opportunity to taste the fruit if we wished to.  We even made our own orange and tomato juice in the water tray by squeezing the fruits with our hands into different containers filled with water and mixed with real utensils like whisks and spoons.

The books we shared this week as a class were ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’, ‘ Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and a revisit of ‘Eat up Gemma’.

Little Birds also participated in First Aid Day. We discussed our own experiences about going to the doctors or attending hospital.  To end the week this term we celebrated our achievements at Little Birds on Friday – DPA Day!  Ben was so proud of his name writing.