Keeping Our Environment and Ourselves Clean

Four Nursery pupils are pictured wearing art aprons and using glue to create models out of newspapers.

This week in Little Birds, we have been inquiring into the roles of Refuse Collectors, Park Keepers, Marine Biologists and Cleaners.

We spoke about how to keep our environment clean both at Nursery and home.
We found out about different ways to recycle and dispose of rubbish appropriately as well as exploring the importance of refuse collection.

We had great fun sorting waste into recyclable and non recyclable categories.

We have shown the Learner Profile Attributes ‘Caring’ and ‘Principled’.

A young girl from Nursery is pictured outdoors in her winter coat, putting different junk items into recycling bins.
Two young girls from Nursery are pictured outdoors in their winter coats, putting different junk items into recycling bins.
Two pupils from Nursery are pictured interacting with a lightbox to assist in their learning about refuse collection.

We made a collage from a variety of textured materials.

Four Nursery pupils are seen creating their own collages on paper with craft materials, under the supervision of a member of staff who is sat with them.
Five Nursery pupils are seen sat together at a table, creating their own collages on paper with craft materials.

We also investigated what it was like to use newspaper as a modelling material.

We observed the changes that would take place when using paper mache to envelope an ovoid balloon and an empty milk bottle.

Little Birds made predictions as to what might happen to our models once they were dry. This activity developed the our communication skills.

A young boy from Nursery can be seen using PVA glue to stick down some newspaper onto model he is creating.
Three young boys from Nursery are shown wearing art aprons and using PVA glue to stick together newspaper in order to create a model.

Following our interest in sea life, we decided to look at the role of marine biologists and explored how they care for the ocean and the safety of the animals.

We were very knowledgeable; we used non fiction books to find out information about the different occupations.

We also listened to stories about recycling.

  • ‘Topsy and Tim: Go Green’ by Gareth Adamson and Jean Adamson
  • ‘Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun’