What happened in the story of The Gingerbread Man?

A group of pupils are pictured sat around a large table together, watching a demonstration from the teacher on how to make Gingerbread Men.

This week Little Birds have been looking at the book The Gingerbread man.
They have been looking at the characters in the story and inquiring about different feelings and emotions.

The children enjoyed investigating how to make gingerbread mixture.
They helped measure out the ingredients, developing their mathematics and physical skills, as well as using their senses to explore the ingredients.

The children enjoyed retelling the story using props and puppets, developing their literacy, communication and retelling skills.

They also talked about fathers and other special family members who help us in our daily lives, and made cards to say thank you to them.

Our phonics this week: learning the sound /p/
Little Birds enjoyed making their own playdough, helping to measure out and mix the ingredients.

They were very excited to find objects in the environment that begin with the sound /P/.

“P p p… Penguin”

“P p p…Pony”

Some children dictated their own stories and retold The Gingerbread Man for their key person to scribe, developing oral storytelling.

We are so proud of our achievements this week in being authors!