Earth Day 2023

Two male pupils can be seen using a laptop computer to find out information about recycling.

Monday 17th April was Earth Day at Dartford Primary Academy. The whole school focussed on how we can help to change the world by recycling. Each year group took part in a variety of cross-curricular activities, looking at different aspects of recycling.

In Little Birds Nursery, they observed the living things in the outdoor area and thought about how they could care for them. They watered the plants, filled the bird feeders with seeds and started a bug hotel. They also explored how plastic waste can affect sea animals using water play.

Children from Little Birds Nursery are seen playing together with water and toys outdoors.
A young boy from Little Birds Nursery is shown reaching up to touch a bird feeder hanging on a tree branch in an outdoor play area.
A young girl is seen spraying some water into a plant pot outdoors.

In Reception, they read the book ‘Somebody Crunched Colin’ to see how plastic waste can be harmful. They then did lots of activities involving different types of recyclable materials, including sorting them using the small world toys.

Some young pupils are seen learning about what materials can go in the recycling.
Some pupils are seen playing a game with one another on a carpeted area of a classroom.
A small group of pupils are shown playing together with a sand pit.

Year 1 was inspired by the book ‘Tidy’ to complete a litter pick in the playground (which had a bit more rubbish than usual!) and recycled some waste into instruments. They also talked about different ways they can help the planet.

A photo of some drums pupils have created using waste products.
A young boy is seen wearing his school uniform and pointing to a recycling symbol on a can of polish.
A young boy in school uniform is shown pointing to the recycling symbol on a bottle of Buxton water.

Year 2 learnt what happens to the rubbish we put in our bins. They learnt how long things take to decay and what a landfill site is like. They then made posters to go around the school to encourage people to recycle more of their rubbish.

A young girl is seen pointing to a display board and looking towards the camera on Earth Day 2023.
A photo of a sheet of paper featuring two photographs of rubbish mounds. Annotations by pupils are written around them, describing what they see in the photos.
A drawing by a pupil of a recycling symbol, a bin and planet Earth.

In Year 3, they used their maths skills to complete a survey of the different recycling symbols found on the teacher’s rubbish from the week. They also researched the recycling rules in Dartford and made videos to remind different audiences what they should be recycling and how.

Three pupils are photographed learning about recycling on Earth Day 2023.
A group of pupils are seen sorting different waste items into what can be recycled and what cannot.

Year 4 inquired into the harmful effects of plastic waste in the oceans as part of their Science learning. Inspired by the book, ‘A Planet Full of Plastic,’ they then made leaflets to inform other people of the harmful effects their waste can have.

A group of pupils are shown sat at their desks learning about recycling on a laptop computer and writing it down on large sheets of paper.
A photo of an information sheet created by a pupil on the topic of recycling.
A class of pupils are pictured learning about recycling from their teacher.

Year 5 explored the concept of upcycling and brought in some old clothes which they rejuvenated using their DT skills. They even finished the day with a fashion show!

Pupils are seen gathered in the school hall to watch a fashion show featuring pupils wearing outfits made from recycled waste.
A young girl is seen using DT skills to rejuvenate some old clothing she brought into school as part of Earth Day 2023.
A young girl is seen using DT skills to rejuvenate some old clothing she brought into school as part of Earth Day 2023.

Year 6 took a more critical look at recycling and found out how our recycling is sometimes taken around the world. They debated whether there is a better way to help the planet and created zero waste shops with promotional materials to go with them.

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