What Happened During Earth Day at Nursery?

3 children reading a book outside

To begin the new term, Little Birds learnt about the world and what Earth Day involved.

First, they had a provocation to carry out. They investigated how they could save the sea animals that were trapped in the net in the ‘polluted’ water.

A group of children around a tray full of water
A group of children around a tray full of water

The Little Birds observed real birds flying over the nursery garden and landing in the Reception playground. We discussed how to care for the birds and encourage them to visit us in our wildlife garden. We decided to get some bird seed and fill up seed feeders so they could be hung on the tree. 

The children shared ideas as to how to look after their environment, such as saving water, placing litter in the bin and saving power.

3 children scooping bird seed out of a tray
A group of children looking in plant pots
3 children reading a book outside
A child hanging a bird feeder from a tree

The children found minibeasts in the garden and hung up a bug home to help provide shelter for them in different weathers. We started to make a large bug hotel using a crate and natural resources. These activities helped develop and enhance the children’s understanding of the world around us.

2 children putting logs into a plastic tray
A child holding a bunch of sticks, while another child cuts them with scissors