What happens during different seasons of the year?

A photo of some artwork created by Nursery pupils, inspired by the story of 'The Gruffalo'.

The Little Birds have been looking at different seasons and the changes in the weather. In the garden, the children noticed the flowers and observed the signs of spring. They were fascinated by the effects that wind has and how it turns the windmills. Some children enjoyed using their own umbrellas when it was raining. They recalled past experiences about seeing the snow and making snowmen.

The children enjoyed using weather and season spinners as well as learning songs about the weather and seasons. They helped pack a suitcase of clothes for every season and enjoyed dressing up in different clothing for various climates. This developed their imaginations and understanding of the world around them.

Some children made windmills out of Mobilo and wanted to find out more about them so they safely searched on the internet to find pictures of windmills. This developed their knowledge and understanding of the world and enhanced their technology skills.

Two young Nursery pupils are shown playing together with building blocks on the floor in the classroom.
Front cover of the children's storybook 'The Gruffalo'.

The stories we listened to this week were “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s child”.
We spoke about the feelings of the characters as well as the seasons. This enhanced the children’s emotional development as well as their listening skills.

The Little Birds painted representations of the Gruffalo using various colour paints and different sized brushes. This developed their expressive arts and designs.

Enjoying story time and sharing books.

A young pupil in Nursery can be seen reading a storybook of 'The Gruffalo'.
A group of Nursery pupils can be seen listening to their teacher giving a presentation at the front of the classroom.

The children enjoyed the number activities in the maths area based on ‘The Gruffalo’.

Developing number recognition and counting skills.

We also learnt the Gruffalo song, developing our music and listening skills.