How Can We Write a Letter?

Three young girls in Nursery are seen sat at desk together, typing using laptops and typewriters.

Last week the Little Birds looked at the book Click Clack Moo. The story was about cows typing letters using a typewriter so we decided to inquire into the different ways to write a letter. The ideas the children came up with were:

  • writing with mark making tools,
  • typing on a typewriter
  • using the keyboard on a computer.

The children enjoyed using the typewriter in the role play area and typing on the keyboards and laptops.

Mrs Ellson made up a song about being writers to the tune Frere Jacquer that the children enjoyed singing.

Verse 1:

‘We are writers,
We are writers,
We can write,
We can write.
Using pens and pencils,

Verse 2:

Using a computer

Verse 3:

Using a typewriter.
Using pens and pencils,
Making our marks, Making our marks.’

We wrote letters to our families and made cards for our Mums or a special person for Mothering Sunday. This developed our literacy and physical skills.

A young boy in Nursery can be seen writing a letter with a pencil and sheet of paper.

The children drew a representation of polyanthus plants using pastels.

A photo of some greeting cards designed by Nursery pupils seen sat on a table alongside two vases of flowers.
A young girl in Nursery is shown drawing on a the front of a greeting card she has designed using paper and felt tip pens.

Then they helped plant the Polyanthus in the nursery garden. Through this they learned about caring for plants and used their physical skills, when digging with the trowels.

Two Nursery pupils, a boy and a girl, are seen tending to a plant in a large pot, using spades outside in the school playground area.

The children went on a listening walk around the school community and environment. They identified different sounds that they heard and named them.

Two young Nursery pupils are seen using clipboards to mark down things they have spotted outside in the school playground area.
A large group of Nursery pupils are seen sitting down on the floor in their classroom, listening to a presentation from their teacher at the front of the classroom.

The children enjoyed playing a listening game. They guessed the sounds they could hear and offered suggestions.

The Little Birds participated in body percussion exploration and played the claves and rhythm sticks by copying a pattern and performing as a group. This developed their expressive skills, music and mathematics pattern making.

Three young Nursery pupils can be seen sitting together on a mat, playing the Claves together.
A young boy in Nursery is seen playing the Claves during a music session.

Other books the children enjoyed listening to last week were:

  • ‘Guess How Much I Love You’
  • ‘Crash, Bang, Thud! A Noisy Story About Being Quiet’
Front cover of the children's storybook 'Guess How Much I Love You'.
Front cover of the children's storybook 'Crash, Bang, Thud! A Noisy Story About Being Quiet' by Dawn Apperley.