Safer Internet Day 2023

A young boy is pictured sat at a desk in his academy uniform, his head down, focusing on his work.

On Tuesday 7th February, DPA joined hundreds of schools around the world in keeping children safe online.  The theme this year was: “Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online”.  We took part in a range of activities centred around this.

The day started with class assemblies throughout the school. We spoke about what to do if we see something online that upsets us , who to speak to about it and keeping the lines of communication open with each other about what we do online.

It is really important to talk to your children on an ongoing basis about staying safe online. 

Not sure where to begin ? These conversation starters suggestions can help .

  • Ask your children to tell you about the sites they like to visit and what they enjoy doing online.
  • Ask them about how to stay safe online. 
  • Ask them if they know where to go for help.

Here are some activities we completed during the day.

Year 6 – What to do if someone or something online upsets you. 

A close-up picture of a drawing by a pupil that has been created for Safer Internet Day 2023.

Year 5 – Design an online safety poster.

A close-up photo of a worksheet that has been filled in by a Dartford Primary Academy pupil on Safer Internet Day 2023.

Year 1 – Magic Window (The window is open when we can see things that make us happy. If we see something that upsets us or worries us we close the window)

A photo of a drawing that has been coloured in by a pupil of a window looking out onto a beach.
Close-up of a drawing of a window with curtains, drawn by a pupil on Safer Internet Day 2023.

Early Years – Who do we speak to if we see something online that upsets us?

A close-up picture showing a drawing by a pupil of his/her Mum and Dad.