People who help us in our Community and School

Two young girls in Nursery are seen creating a collage using recycled materials.

This week, Little Birds continued to look at the role of refuse collectors and how they help us.

Along with this, it was important for the children to find out about recycling and why we should take care of the environment by always placing litter in the bin. This taught the children how to be caring and principled in the school, the local community and the wider world in which they live.

A young boy in Nursery is seen reading a book to learn about Recycling.

The children had the opportunity to make a collage of recycled objects. This invited them to create with materials of their choice.

We shared information books about “Jobs People Do” and “ The Refuse Collector”.

Book cover: Jobs People Do
Book cover: A Day in the Life of a Refuse Collector

Later in the week, the children started to learn about the roles of the teachers, midday supervisors and our very own road crossing patrol! This has helped to develop their understanding of the people around them and to feel safe and secure in the environment.

The children said, ‘ Teachers help us learn’, ‘They help us when we fall over’, ‘They help us to tie our shoelaces’ and ‘Teachers help us to have fun.’

Mr James is seen answering Nursery children's questions about teaching when he visited the classroom.

Mr James came to visit Little Birds and the children got to ask him questions. They listened really well to the responses given when finding out information about his role as a teacher in one of the reception classes.

The children drew representations of their teachers in the Nursery and explained how they help them carry out daily activities and tasks. This activity developed their physical, communication and personal skills.

We read the books ‘Tidy’ and ‘First Day at Bug School’.

Book cover: Tidy by Emily Gravett
A young girl from Nursery is pictured interacting with another girl on the playground. The other girl is dressed up as a Policewoman.
Book cover: First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd
A young boy from Nursery is seen exploring the outside of the school building, whilst dressed up in a builder's uniform.

The children consolidated their knowledge about the emergency services and they played different stories and scenarios in the outdoors. This developed their imagination and expressive arts skills.