Learning about Police Officers and Firefighters in our Community

2 students at a table, painting

This week Little Birds have been inquiring into how police officers and firefighters help us in the world in which we live. They have been developing their understanding of others in the community around us.

To develop their mathematics, counting and number recognition, the children enjoyed learning a new number rhyme song called ‘Five Police cars parked in a row’.

A child in a police hat, playing with toy police cars at a table
2 children in police hats, playing with toy police cars at a table

We spoke about calling 999 in an emergency to request help from the police or fire service.

The children identified and shared ideas about different scenarios that may need help. This developed their communication and listening skills.

A student holding a piece of paper reading '999'
Two students role playing with toy phones

Some children enjoyed participating in imaginative play by dressing up as police officers and acting out scenarios in order to develop their expressive skills.

A student in a police hat, writing on a piece of paper
2 children role playing with a police hat and toy handcuffs

They also painted pictures of police officers.

2 students at a table, painting
A student at a table, painting

We planned, designed and made models out of waste resources to represent a fire engine. This helped the children develop their physical, expressive arts and design skills.

A student doing arts and crafts at a table
A student showing the artwork they created
A student showing the artwork they created

The Little Birds also enjoyed listening to the books Emergency! by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe, After the Fall by Dan Santat, and Busy People: Firefighter by Ando Twin and Lucy M George.