What foods are healthy for us to eat?

Cartoon vector of different fruits

In Little Birds Nursery this week, we have been learning about different kinds of food. We have been finding out which ones are healthy and unhealthy to eat. In group time, we talked about the importance of fruit and vegetables and the fact that they give us vitamins to keep us well.

We enjoyed printing with real fruits and vegetables using paint.

A student stamping an apple onto a piece of paper
A student stamping a carrot onto a piece of paper

When working in the role-play area outside, we sorted food on the plates into healthy and unhealthy food groups. This also developed our communication skills.

A student at a table with plastic fruit on a plate
Two students at a table with plastic fruits on plates

In the water area, we explored the textures of fruits and vegetables as we squeezed them. This led us to thinking about healthy drinks and we tried to make different juices. We then wrote down our drinks recipes.

Several students around a table, squeezing fruits into plastic jugs
A student drawing on paper
A student showing their drawing
Let's Celebrate book front cover


We looked at the book ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ at storytime and discussed the kinds of food eaten at different cultural celebrations. We spoke about some of our personal experiences and made connections between home and school life.

This helped us develop our understanding of the world around us.

We used safety knives to cut real fruit and vegetables. We enjoyed tasting the different foods!

A student cutting up fruit
Two students cutting up fruit

Finally, we drew on paper plates our favourite fruits.

A student showing their paper plate artwork
A student drawing on a paper plate
A paper fruit bowl holding numerous fruits
Cartoon vector of different fruits
Cartoon vector of different fruits