Black History Month at Dartford Primary Academy

A small group of pupils are seen outdoors on the academy grounds, decorating a box using paints and coloured paper.

As you know, we have celebrated Black History Month in school this month through our assemblies. In addition to this, every year group has begun to look at the amazing things we can learn from Black History and key figures in Black History.

The children looked at the story of Rosa Parks and created their own bus. They decided that everyone would be able to sit where they like on their buses.

The children watched a video about Martin Luther King and discussed his dreams for equality. The children then discussed their own dreams to make sure everyone is respected in school. Finally, they created their own dream circle with their own handprints.

A young girl, dressed in academy uniform, is pictured using paints to create a print of her hand on a sheet of paper during an Art class.
A worksheet completed by a pupil all about former US President Barack Obama.

Year 1
The children looked at Barack Obama and how he was the first black president in America. Using their new knowledge, they then created a fact file about him.

Year 2
The children read a story about Martin Luther King Jr and discussed the importance of treating every person equally no matter what their race is. They also discussed the importance behind Martin’s protests.

A group of students are sat together on the floor in the main hall, smiling for the camera.
A mind map on American Mathematician, Katherine Johnson, 1918-2020.

Year 3
The children looked at the life of Katherine Johnson. They learnt how highly she valued her education and that with great determination she was able to help get Apollo 13 back to Earth safely. Sadly, not only did she have to fight to achieve due to the colour of her skin but also her gender as a female. This shows just how determined and persistent she was to achieve!

Year 4
The children looked at Muhammed Ali through their reading lesson. They discussed the challenges he faced in order to become the world’s boxing heavyweight champion. Here are some quotes from the children discussing what they learnt:

‘I never knew that he was called Cassius Clay but changed his name because he converted to Islam’

‘It was harder for Ali because he didn’t just face problems because of his colour.’

‘ I really enjoyed learning about how he became so great’

Year 5
The children looked at Jackie Robinson, his sporting career and how he was the first Black athlete to play Major League Baseball. The children read his biography to learn all about his life and even spent some time researching other inspirational, black sports people including Jesse Owens and Serena Williams.

Photo of a mind map drawn on a piece of paper with the question 'How would we describe Rosa Parks?' in the centre. Various adjectives are placed around it.

Year 6
The children looked at Rosa Parks and Michelle Obama. They discovered that Michelle Obama was the first ever African American first lady. They also discussed Rosa Parks and the significance of her actions in Black History.

At DPA, the learning journey into Black History does not start and end with Black History Month. Throughout the year, we continuously revist Black History in relation to our inquiry topics across all year groups. The children also explore different aspects of Black History through reading lessons with both fictional and non-fictional books, which we have access to through online resources and in our libraries.

As well as this, our timelines, which we have developed across both sites, feature events from Black History that children are able to see and discuss all year round at the academy.

Through focusing on different aspects of Black History all year round in our curriculum, we aim to encourage the children to be principled, open-minded, caring and internationally-minded citizens. The children also investigate the legacy that Black History has left on the world in the past and in the present day and recognise how this legacy has changed the world.