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September was a busy month for the Little Birds Nursery. Most of the children now are beautifully settled and we heard some of them cannot wait in the morning to come to the school.

We have been working on ‘Understanding myself and others help me grow’ central idea and it all started with learning how to say Hello and start conversation with a new friend. Children enjoyed exploring a lot of ways to say Hello and practice what to say to start a conversation. We listen and sing a ‘Hello’ song and it helps a lot.

With the help and support from parents we saw family pictures of more of the children and they introduced their families to their peers.

Children had a great fun browsing ‘Knock, knock, who’s there?’ book, which contains pictures of every child from the nursery. Some children already know a lot of names of their peers.

We read from Who are you? book but also many story books as The Tiger who came to tea, stories with Spot and Owl Babies. All children enjoy listening during Story time and like to act parts of the stories while playing or during the small group focus activities.

We also did a lot of drawing and painting. We drew smiling faces, had hand prints, family portraits and self-portraits.