The End of Our School Year in Nursery

A young boy from Nursery is seen giving a presentation to his class about his life outside of school.

We have learnt to……

A young boy in Nursery is pictured cycling on a child's size bicycle.

Pedal the bikes.

Two young girls from Nursery can be seen reading a picture book together on a bench in the playground.

Share books together.

Three young Nursery pupils are shown experimenting with ice and cornflour on trays.

Have fun exploring ice and cornflour, using our senses.

A young boy and girl are seen sitting together with a toy baby doll. The girl is holding a pushchair and the boy is holding the doll in his arms.

Look after the babies in the role play area when playing imaginatively together.

Three young boys in Nursery are seen building towers with wooden blocks and smiling for the camera.

Working together to build models from blocks and various construction kits.

A young boy in Nursery can be seen holding a Stick Insect on his hand and looking at it.
A young boy is seen holding a Chick in one hand and stroking it with the other.
A young boy is seen holding a plant in his hand and looking at a Stick Insect perched on one of its leaves.

Caring for living creatures in the Nursery.

We enjoyed handling the Stick Insects and Chicks.

Two young boys in Nursery are shown posing for the camera and pointing to the plant they have planted in a pot.

The children have found out information about plants and learnt how to care for them.

A young girl from Nursery is seen giving a presentation to her class about her life outside of school.

The children shared their home experiences with their friends and to the whole class.

For our final week in Nursery, we talked about what we might do in the summer holidays for example: going on holiday, spending time at the beach and going on days out with friends and family.

The children carried out different tasks connected with this subject.

A young boy from Nursery is seen designing his own flip flop slipper, ready for the Summer holidays.
A young girl from Nursery is seen posing for the camera, holding up the flip flop slipper that she has designed.

One activity: We designed our own flip flop for our holidays.

Nursery children are pictured sorting shells and stones on a desk and deciding which ones belong to which category.

Another activity: We sorted shells and stones, after we closely observed them using the magnifiers.

The children noticed the similarities and differences. They explained, ‘This one is bumpy’, ‘I can hear the sea’ holding the shell to their ear.

‘This is all black’ handling the shiny stones.’

A graphic of five young children smiling and playing in the Sun with the word 'Summer' displayed in front of them.

We have had a fun academic year.

A graphic of the Sun, wearing a pair of Sunglasses and a smile.

We hope you have a lovely summer.

Wishing you all the best in your new Reception classes for September 2022

From All the Nursery Practitioners.