Our School

Starting School

After spending time in the Reception
for some transition sessions, we have been talking about school.

We listened to the story
‘Starting School’.

Starting School

The children enjoyed talking about their visits and drew pictures of their favourite activities at school and in Nursery.

A young boy can be seen drawing with a green pen on a sheet of paper in class.
A young girl is seen holding up a drawing she has done using purple pen for the camera.

They even drew a picture of the Nursery outdoors, at Small group time.

A photo of a drawing by a pupil.

We also investigated and found out which items float and sink during group time. First the children predicted what might happen to the resources, whether they would “float” or “sink” before the experiment took place.

Pupils are shown playing together with water and different objects.

They then drew their results and findings.

Eight pupils are shown sat around a table drawing together with coloured pens.

We also did some gardening this week. The children looked after our potato and herb plants by watering them regularly and were very fascinated to see the mini beasts in our bug hotel.

“Look a beetle”

“ A spider is spinning a web”