Animals on the Farm and how they help!

Four young pupils can be seen playing with toy Farm Animals in a classroom.

The children have been developing their knowledge about animals and how they help on the farm.
They enjoyed playing a matching game and farm lotto at group time.

We made our own farm animal jigsaw puzzles, sequencing the numbers on the pieces.

A young boy is seen showing some work he has done all about Farm Animals.
A young girl is seen showing some work she has done all about Farm Animals.

We listened to the story of ‘Farmer Duck’.

Farmer Duck

We repeated the refrains
“How goes the work”
“Quack” as the story was read.

The children sang the song “Old Macdonald had a Farm” throughout the week with enjoyment.

Old Macdonald had a Farm.

Nursery children shared pictures of their pets and spoke about them to their friends at Whole class time.

A young boy can be seen holding a black and white Cat in his arms.
A Goldfish is pictured swimming in a Fish Tank.