We are Chefs!

Two DPA pupils are seen eating food they have cooked together and smiling.

Last term, the children designed a healthy meal and created a podcast of how to make their meal step-by-step. As part of their Design and Technology lessons this term, they were given the opportunity to cook the meal they designed.

We had a whole range of dishes including: Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Bake; homemade Beef Gravy Pasty with Vegetable Chips; Spanish Omelette, Vegetable Lasagna with seasoned fries and Bolognaise.

The children had to use a range of skills to create and make their meals such as: chopping, mixing ingredients, kneading dough and peeling vegetables.

Overall, the children really enjoyed the experience and were incredible risk-takers to make a variety of meals of their own choice. Some of them definitely enjoyed being able to eat their tasty meals too!

Here are some quotes from the children:

“I really enjoyed making my meal and the experience of being in a kitchen getting to use all of the equipment.” Lily Faulkner – Jaguar Class

“Eating is an enjoyment but cooking is an Art!” Rayna – Jaguar Class

“I made a healthy spanish omelette with red pepper and white onions. We added different spices and seasoning to make it have extra flavour. We took the omelette home and my parents loved it – they gave it an 11/10!” Elena and Maisie- Macaw Class

“This was really fun and I really enjoyed marinating the dough.” Suvani Bengal Tiger Class

“I really liked this as we were able to choose our own meal to make. My favourite part was definitely eating the food!” Esther Bengal Tiger